Another year at Wimbledon Art Studios has flown by

Time has run away with me again, and another year at Wimbledon Art Studios has flown.  This year alongside my usual painting routine,  I stepped up my art workshops here in Studio 118 with some terrific results.

One of my students has  enrolled on an art degree, having got in touch with her inner self,  she tells me, inspired by attending my art classes ! whilst another has won an art scholarship.  This time last year neither would have guessed it!

Being an artist for me  is more than painting, it is a way of life, often with rewarding requests. In this vein last week I was contacted by the BBC to create a special art work for one of their top sports commentators retiring after nearly fifty years service.

His famous quip ” he drops for World Cup Glory”, referring to Jonny Wilkinson’s  winning dropkick in England’s rugby world cup victory 2003 denying   Australia an opportunity to respond is now quoted in rugby legend.

The pressure was on and I drew the original charcoal drawing over two days, got the background digitally styled and the complete work photographed and converted into a print on a Saturday afternoon by the brilliant Martin of Atelier Sturgess here in our studios.

Hey Presto! We now have a Ltd. print run of 75 editions with No.1 on its way to the BBC Studios for presentation to this iconic broadcaster.

Good to finish 2018 on a high note and I am looking forward even more to 2019 here in Wimbledon Art Studios.

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